Google Phone Tracker: Google allows you to track mobile phones in the simplest way using GPS (Global Positioning System). Google Phone Number Tracker uses GPS Location data and GPS coordinates to report the location in real-time of your friends, family members, and your loved ones. By using Google maps, you can also easily track mobile numbers. Google maps are now available for Android, Windows, and iOS also. So it became very simple with Google Cell Phone Tracker to track mobile phones.

Google Phone Tracker

Android Device Manager

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Android Device Manager is an official tool by Google to track your Android phones and tablets. The main advantage of this tool is that it is not necessary to install an app to track your devices, and the only requirement is that your device should be connected to your Google account, and the internet should also be turned on. Now, you have just to visit the Android Device Manager that has been logged into your Google account. When the site is loaded, it will automatically try to track your phone. If you have many Android devices registered, then select the right one on the drop-down menu.

Android Device Manager

Google has executed some of the Android Device Manager’s features into its search result pages. This helps you to easily locate any registered Android devices. Google displays a map before search results which will try to find your phone by searching it with the phrase “where is my phone.” When you found your phone, then you can let it ring by clicking on the “Ring” button on the bottom left.

By using Android Device Manager, you can

  • Locate Android devices synced with your Google account
  • Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
  • Ring your phone
  • Remotely wipe your phone
Google Phone Tracker
Google Phone Tracker

Reset your Lock Screen PIN:

You can reset your lock screen pin by using ADM (Android Device Manager). After locating your Android device, Select the Setup Lock & Erase option. Then click on the Lock option and enter your new password. Repeat it to confirm. This helps you to prevent your contacts, emails, messages, photos, and other important documents from unknown people. A recovery message can also be added, which will be displayed on your stolen phone so the person might return it back to you. You can also give your alternative contact number here. Then a button will appear on the lock screen. By tapping that button, it will authorize the phone to call you.

Google Mobile Tracker
Google Mobile Tracker

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Remotely Ring your Device:

You can remotely ring your device after locking your device and setting recovery message and alternative phone numbers. To ring your device, the Location should be on, and your device should be online. Then you can click on the Ring button to start your device to ring. Your device will ring for 5 minutes. So, if you are near that location, this could alert you.

Google Phone Tracker
Google Phone Tracker

Wipe All Data of your Device:

Once you have backed up all your belonging data, then you can perform a factory reset by using ADM. Just click on the erase option, which effectively erases all your data on your device. If your device is offline, the reset will be performed as soon as the device is online.

erase all data
Google Phone Tracker

Note: Once all your data is erased, then ADM will no longer be available for your Android device.

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