Phone Tracker Apps | Phone Tracker Online: Phone Tracker is a tool that is used to find the positions or locations of a mobile phone, either when it is stationary or moving. Phone Tracker Apps are based on Phone Tracker Online, where you can track your mobile phone online. Before a few years, only the magic cell phone tracker google is available to police officers or some spies in movies and TV shows. Now, technology has developed and made history. So, it will never be a surprise that any person can track mobile phones using Phone Tracker Apps. There are a large number of Mobile phone trackers available on the market so people can just download and track mobile phones. Each tracker has different purposes.

Nowadays, It’s simple to track a lost or stolen device. And you could do it for free is the main advantage of these Mobile Number Tracking Apps. The Top 2 free apps that are launched officially to track your lost device are Android Device Manager by Google and Find My iPhone by Apple.

Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager is an official tool by Google to track your Android phones and tablets. First, you need to install the Android Device Manager app on your device from theGoogle Play Store. After installation Sign in to your Google account with your login username and password. After you have logged in, you will find your device location on the Google map.

Phone Tracker App

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Android Device Manager app helps you

  • To find the real-time location of your device
  • To ring your device
  • To lock your device with the password
  • To erase all your data or reset your device
Phone Tracker Apps

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone is an official app by Apple to find a lost or stolen iPhone. If you have missed your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac anywhere, you can use Find My iPhone app from any iOS device to find your device and keep safe your data. All you need to do is, Install Find My iPhone app and sign in with your Apple ID that you have used for iCloud. Automatically, it will locate your missing iOS device on a map.

Phone Tracker App

Find My iPhone app helps you

  • To remotely lock your device
  • To play a sound
  • To display a message
  • To erase all data on your device

For Stolen iOS devices, Find My iPhone includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode is used to lock your device with a passcode, and you can display a custom message or display your contact phone number on the Lock Screen. In Lost Mode, you can keep tracking your iOS device, where it has been and report back so you can view its recent location history.

Phone Tracker Apps

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Other Phone Tracker Apps:

There are a large number of phone tracking apps are available to track mobile phones. It has become very simple to track devices and to let you know the real-time location of the device users. Many Phone Tracking Apps has been found that is compatible with all smartphones. Even desktop users can monitor mobile phone users by using Phone Tracking Apps that are available for PC.

Some of the frequently used Phone Tracking Apps are

Phone Tracking Apps
Mobile Spy
Phone Tracking Apps
Highster Mobile
Highster Mobile


What do these tracking apps can do?

The development of technology is unimaginable in this day-to-day life. So, tracking a mobile phone is not at all a problem in this current system of life. Every tracking app has its basic features, and some of these apps have more advantage packages that are more useful to track locations.

  • You can view their contact list
  • You can read MMS and Text messages
  • You can track their phone calls and view calls information (e.g., call duration)
  • You can trace their real-time location using GPS
  • These apps may give access to Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, IMO, etc.,
  • These apps can hack other person’s email messages
  • These apps allow you to see the websites people visits and their bookmarks

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If you have any doubts about Phone Tracker Apps, please comment below.

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